Papus Tarot Divinatoire c.1909 -- in 2 Versions


This deck, cards from the original drawings by Jean Gabriel Goulinat, is known as "Papus' Tarot Divinatoire."

Stark line drawings, with curious symbols: Hebrew and Sanskrit letters, Egyptian hieroglyphics, astrological symbols and keywords all combine to make it a startlingly unique deck. The numbering and many of the elements surrounding the central images, as well as the symbols below the pips images, are derived from early Etteilla cards.

The original drawings, lifted from Le Tarot Divinatoire and published in 1909, were randomly sized so in order to make the appearance more uniform and to fit into customary tarot-sized cards I had to adjust the size of the central pictures and allow space for the marginalia on each drawing. In order to preserve the character of the images I didn't replace any the original symbols or lettering although I did fill in some missing bits as the original printing was not the best.

I had requests for colored ones and, so, here they are. For the color version I made the background to look foxed like the paper from the original drawings.

Aside from the sizing, none of the images, text or symbols has been otherwise altered.

There was no back design so I made a suitable one from the image on the Wheel card that will not reveal if a card is reversed.

This distinctive antique deck is printed on premium card stock, is standard tarot card size, 2-3/4" x 4-3/4". Don't look for a lwb; if you want this deck you probably already know how to read the cards.

In the event you would like to know what Dr Papus says about his cards, there is now an English translation available from Amazon in Kindle & paperback versions here:


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