Nielen's LeNormand Fortune Telling Cards, c. 1920 Restored & Unrestored


*Attention* Lenormand cards will now be poker size 2 ½ inches by 3 ½ inches. My printer discontinued bridge size cards.

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It came in a dilapidated box with 36 cards. There was an accompanying LWB with directions in German in the front, and English in the back and published by A. Nielen Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, USA but no date. The 'net revealed that Andries Nielen, born in the Netherlands, was a photographer in the 1920s who traveled the world taking pictures. He had his own publishing company in Cincinnati, Ohio where he published postcards as well as these LeNormand Fortune Telling Cards. He died in 1940 at 90 years old.

There are few cards that are non-standard, like the Lion , Dancing Couple, Shepherd, as well as the very familiar ones. Accompanying the deck are instructions with meanings. The instructions are for the Lenormand full board layout, 8x4+4, read according to the near/ far method.

The directions begin with its General Remarks with, "In trying the Card-Oraculum the 36 cards altogether shall always be used." Each card details its relationship to the questioner -- near or far, right or left, above or below -- as well as specific cards that have a more significant influence on each other when close or far. And reading through the card meanings seems to be a deck heavily weighted toward interpersonal relationships.

This deck came with writing -- crib notes -- all over the cards. Here you have both the original and restored. Both options include additional cards containing the instructions.

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They are printed on premium smooth card stock, come in a tuck box and are poker sized.


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I use a different printer for ex-USA buyers because the international postage from the US-based printer is extremely high. For international buyers the tarot size cards come in a plain tuck box and Lenormand cards come in a clear plastic box because that printer doesn't offer reasonably priced custom printed boxes. The decks come with a title card you can affix to the boxes, if desired.


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