Malkiel's 'Tacheles' Deck with Mystical Symbols


*Attention* Lenormand cards will now be poker size 2 ½ inches by 3 ½ inches. My printer discontinued bridge size cards.

Malkiel Rouven Dietrich's Tacheles deck.

The design has been attributed to Adolph Engel (c. 1930) but some uncolored ones have been found that were dated to the turn of the 20th century.

Malkiel rearranged the numbers to match the Lenormand symbols so that it could be read in the Lenormand tradition. The only difference in the first 36 cards is that there is no Bear in this deck. He decided that the Rose would occupy the Bear's space instead.

They have "mystical" symbols where the playing card inserts or verses usually are found and, although they may be nonsense, they look so cool!

There are 48 cards and the first 36 are all Lenormand symbols except for 15 which is not a Bear but a Rose. There is no LWB to accompany them so I have no idea what the additional 12 cards mean. The additional cards are: 37 Train, 38 Lightning, 39 Cats, 40 Pig, 41 Broken Mirror, 42 Love, 43 Swords, 44 Bride, 45 Handshake, 46 Safe, 47 Wine glasses and 48 Fire.

They are printed on premium card stock and come in a tuck box.

I use a different printer for ex-USA buyers because the international postage from the US-based printer is extremely high. For international buyers the tarot size cards come in a plain tuck box and Lenormand cards come in a clear plastic box because that printer doesn't offer reasonably priced custom printed boxes. The decks come with a title card you can affix to the boxes, if desired.