Stralsunder Lenormand, Restored c.1890


*Attention* Lenormand cards will now be poker size 2 ½ inches by 3 ½ inches. My printer discontinued bridge size cards.

This deck of Lenormand cards is reproduced directly from an antique deck published by Vereinigte Stralsunder Spielkartenfabriken, Stralsund, c.1890.

The drawings, however. are the same as the Dutch Deck I have, so named because the page of instructions are in Dutch that were dated 1868. The dress of the Lady, Gentleman and Child are similar to what people wore in the 1860s and so I wonder about the actual date of publication of this deck. Does the Dutch deck I have actually pre-date this Stralsunder deck? Or is it a later copy?

The original deck had a boring back so I added a beautiful one in its place. These old, traditional cards are printed on linen card stock that looks elegant and feels wonderful.

Here is a review by Le Fanu of the first version that I made:

Some readers prefer to use 2 Lady cards or 2 Gentleman cards rather than use the traditional alternate cards (Snake, Rider) for same sex relationships. Made especially for this version are 2 extra cards; 1 Lady and 1 Gentleman.

This deck is printed on premium card stock that feels wonderful in hand.

This deck is also available as a mini. Look under "Minis are Here”

Be sure to check out (and print) the original Phillipe Le Normand instruction sheet in the 'Info' column on the right side of the screen. Right click on the image and select "view image" so you can print it.


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I use a different printer for ex-USA buyers because the international postage from the US-based printer is extremely high. For international buyers the tarot size cards come in a plain tuck box and Lenormand cards come in a clear plastic box because that printer doesn't offer reasonably priced custom printed boxes. The decks come with a title card you can affix to the boxes, if desired.


To keep down the shipping costs, I send the cards via regular mail. If you want upgraded service, contact me I can let you know what the additional charge will be. If the postal system in your country is questionable, you may want to invest in registered mail which is signed for each time it passes through someone's hands and almost guaranteed that your package will arrive safely.

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