Stralsunder Lenormand, with Verses c. 1900

Image of Stralsunder Lenormand, with Verses c. 1900


This turn-of-the-century c.1900 deck is identified on the Key card by the Stralsund coat of arms.

The Gentleman and Lady, and Child all wear clothing for the new century that is quite a departure from the fashions of the late 1800s and clearly identifies the deck as newer than the Stralsunder deck that is dated 1890.

The easily recognizable symbols with no random artistic embellishments make this deck easy and delightful to read.

The Lady and Gentleman in this deck face forward, which is different from most of the other Lenormand decks. But like most of my other decks this one has the extra Gentleman and Lady cards that can be used for same sex readings.

It's printed on premium card stock and comes in a luxurious velvet bag.

Card size: 2-1/4" x 3-1/2"

Even if you don't buy my cards, be sure to check out the original Philippe Le Normand instruction sheet in the 'Info' column on the right side of the screen. Right click on the image and select "view image" so you can print it.


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