Ensslin, Schaiblin/Reutlingen Lenormand c.1880


Printed in Germany by a long defunct publisher, the line drawings are splendidly detailed with dashes of color to bring them wonderfully alive. The numbering is not the usual Lenormand numbering and a few cards are non-standard, like the uncolored Sigil Lenormand I repro'd a couple of years ago. When I first saw them, the things that first captivated me were the insets. Not the typical pips. And, oh, and the male and female characters in place of the court cards, so elegantly rendered, although not identified with suits are in the right places. The publisher's name is on card No. 36, "Ensslin & Schaiblin, Reutlingen."

The back had no design so I found a suitable backs for the cards from the 1800s.

In total there are 39 cards including additional man & woman cards as well as the cards' meanings. There's also a mini version, check "Minis are here."

They will come direct from the printer, printed on linen card stock; full size: 2-1/4" x 3-1/2" and comes in a tuck box.

I only ship Registered Mail to Russia.